Plantarse represents the illusion of bringing everyone closer to a healthy daily diet.


100% Plant-Based

Plantarse aspires to make it that bit easier for everyone to eat a healthy diet each and every day. The Plantarse menu features a wide variety of mouth-watering and nutritious dishes created with 100% natural vegetable ingredients. A 100% plant-based diet that gives you all the nutrients and vitamins you need to feel fighting fit and full of health.

“Sign up to Plantarse and start looking after your body, mind and soul”.


Straight from the garden, right to your doorstep

Nowadays, we live at such a breakneck pace trying to juggle family, work and other commitments, that it’s becoming ever more difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. At Plantarse we make it easy for you! Just order our food through one of our partners and enjoy it wherever suits you best.

“Plantarse is the healthy home-delivered takeaway option that you’ve been waiting for.”


By choosing the Plantarse menu you’re supporting local environmentally friendly agriculture, which feeds goodness back into the land and favours sustainable rural development. Our creative process is deeply committed to sustainability, from the ingredients we work with, right through to the design of our recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

“Will you sign up and help us all do our bit for the environment?”


Join us!

We invite you to join us and come and be a part of the drive towards healthy eating. Be an ambassador for change and mindful eating.

Isabel & Pino

Plantarse is the brainchild of Isabel and Pino and marks the change in the world of home-delivered takeaway food that Madrid has been crying out for.

The project arose out of an acute need to develop a business that represented our lifestyle: inner peace achieved through healthy eating.

Our story

Plantarse is proof that balance can be achieved by simply getting to know our body better, listening to it, and understanding it - by realising what foods are good for it and adapting what we eat to what we really need. Our aim is to bring something new and exciting that breaks with the old and all too familiar patterns of boring healthy “diet food”.

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