What are ‘100% Plant-Based’ diets?
21 September, 2019

What meaning do we give to food?

On a huge planet with 7 billion people where lately you only hear about our differences, there are certain important things that connect us, that bring us together. And one of them, perhaps the most important, is food. Have you never thought about it? We all need it, we depend on it, we survive thanks to it and most importantly, it brings us an immense dose of happiness. In fact, food is part of who we are. It's part of our habits and cultures. Hundreds of TV shows, movies and podcasts revolve around the subject of food. Even cookbooks are always among the best sellers in bookstores.

Food even symbolizes part of how we interact with other humans. I'm sure you've shared recipes and dining experiences with your family and friends. And who hasn't posted a picture of their favorite dish on social networks? How many people do you meet for lunch during the week? And what restaurant do you tend to choose? Something healthy? Something appealing? Indeed! The food debate is all around us. It's present in our daily lives, and yet we manage to understand it 100%?

In Plantarse we have decided to dedicate our first posts to explain in a very easy and simple way the importance that food has in our lives. Without a balanced diet, our bodies run out of energy. How we find ourselves and how we feel in our daily routine depends on food. Everything is related: The strength we have to go to the gym or to get out of bed, if we face our morning in a good mood, do we work feeling tired, do we feel good, do we get sick often? Yesterday I had a good plate of vegetables for dinner, did I sleep better?
All of our habits and lifestyles depend entirely on food. On the nutrients we give our bodies to function in one way or another. We usually do not pay attention to the influence that food and nutrition have on our bodies. We think that everything revolves around losing weight, eating less, to "have a better body". We cannot fall into this old and completely wrong concept. We need to understand that food is energy. Eating too much food in general, or too much of one type of food can lead to obesity, deficiencies or diet-related diseases. And in the same way, eating too little food and not paying attention to what our bodies really need can lead to poor health, disease and malnutrition.

In our blog Plantarse, we will teach you a lot of tricks and ideas to integrate nutritious food into your diet. We will make you understand how to listen to your body and how to know what it really needs every day. Food is so much more than what we see on our plates and at Plantarse we are ready to show you.
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