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21 September, 2019
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19 November, 2019

What are '100% Plant-Based' diets?

A healthy diet

The Plant-Based concept may sound familiar to you, but even so, you may not be sure what it means. That's why in Plantarse, we wanted to start our blog explaining the meaning of this type of food. Precisely because we feel very proud to be part of one of the phenomena that is booming today in the world of nutrition and healthy eating, we are telling you about it!

A plant-based diet is nothing other than one based primarily on vegetable foods, which includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, but few or no animal products.

A Plant-Based Feeding

The idea is to give more importance to real, fresh and seasonal food in our regular diet, without manipulation by industry, and thus reduce the daily consumption of frozen, precooked and industrialized food options.

We have to be very clear that, based on a Plant-Based diet, does not mean a restrictive daily regime. No! It does not even mean dieting. What it really means is, adopting a healthy lifestyle that will help us feel better. Why? Because of the countless benefits to our bodies that come with this lifestyle.

First of all, it helps to prevent diseases of cardiovascular origin such as cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases. On the other hand, the nutritional quality of vegetable fats contributes to a significant increase in the levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and photochemical compounds in our body. All this generates a feeling of general well-being on a daily basis. You feel more energetic, you sleep better, it helps your digestive system, it's even good for your skin.

In addition, in a world increasingly concerned with sustainability, it should be noted that the Plant-Based diet is very environmentally friendly, as the environmental costs associated with the production of meat, dairy, egg or fish elements are considerably reduced with it.

Through this blog, we will be telling you everything you need to know about this food that many call: "The food of the future". We will tell you what it brings, how to get appetizing dishes like ours, benefits of our ingredients, even how it contributes to improve the environmental impact. How we are joining the fight against climate change. An endless number of concepts and benefits that will help you to understand better why we are so excited about this project.

And we hope that, knowing him better, you too will join this movement with us.

Isabel & Pino.

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